Top 5 most viewed yoga videos on YouTube

Are you finding hard to find the best yoga videos on YouTube?

We have listed most viewed yoga video that you will be benefited. All you need is a yoga mat and your laptop or desktop


Yoga has become one of the most popular workouts and almost all fitness lovers have indulged in this practice for spiritual transformation and inner peace.

With the surge of modern yoga forms and techniques, practitioners across the world have indulged in exploring the wide benefits of practicing yoga.

Though expert advice and guidance is required for practice, there are a few yoga forms and techniques that are easy-to-do and can be practiced at home. With the advent of technology, it is now easy to practice yoga at home, albeit this is applicable only at beginners level and for advanced yoga techniques it is advisable to practice under expert’s guidance.

The benefits of practicing yoga are aplenty, and over the years, more awareness has been brought into the benefits of yoga and yoga-lovers all over the world look for a reliable source to learn and practice the art of yoga. Of all the options available, the most sought after option to learn yoga techniques and benefits is via YouTube.

In this blog, let’s take a look at some of the trending categories and top 5 most viewed yoga videos on YouTube.  

Yoga Videos for beginners:

knee rest pillow for yoga

This is the most trending search term among practitioners as most of the beginners look for beginners asana guide and yoga pose in Youtube.

The first step most of the beginners in fitness do is to learn and explore about yoga online. 

YouTube is the most sought after platform beginners look for yoga techniques tutorial. Some of the famous beginner yoga videos in youtube are six minute yoga abs routine, beginner yoga flow, beginner’s morning yoga sequence, 10 minute yoga workout for beginners to improve flexibility and many more.

Yoga Videos for pregnancy:

The second most viewed yoga videos on YouTube is prenatal yoga asanas for pregnant women.

Benefits for prenatal yoga are aplenty for pregnant women and  that is why most of the carrying women prefer to indulge in activities and practices to make the process of birth giving easier.

Some yoga asana for the pregnant women include Vakrasana, Utkatasana, Konasana, Paryankasana, Bhadrasana. Videos for these practices are available in YouTube, however trained and certified teacher is required in practicing these poses to avoid any complications or discomfort for the moms-to-be. 

Yoga Videos for Weight Loss:

The third most trending category of videos in Youtube is yoga for weight loss. Obesity and overweight are some of the most common health problems among youngsters these days. Yoga has proven to be most beneficial for weight loss.

Most of the practitioners choose this holistic practice only to lose weight. Power yoga for weight loss is the most sought yoga style for beginners level for losing weight. There are many videos for weight loss and detox available in Youtube. One can also find many channels YouTube channels for yoga routines and weight loss.

Yoga for posture correction:

This is the most preferred asana type for the working yogi as stressful works and lengthy work hours lead to backaches and other health complications. 

Stressful work routine takes a toll on everyone’s health and one of the biggest complication most of the corporates go through is a hunched back due to long hours of sitting.

Yoga for posture correction is a modern yoga form that has many health benefits including beating stress, energizing, posture alignment and flexibility.

In this stressful world, posture correction is most required for the working yogi and corporates. Some of the yoga asanas for these fixes include power postures, standing forward bend, bridge pose, upward facing dog, tadasana, vrikshasana and plank pose. There are also many videos available online to learn the techniques and process. Wait no more. Get going with these yoga fixes posture correction.

Power of Meditation:

This is the most common yoga practice among yogis and beginners. Some of the most viewed videos for this category include meditation for inner peace, meditation for beginners and benefits of meditation, mantra meditation or OM chanting. Meditation is a beginner’s level yoga practice and not much guidance is required in understanding the process and practicing it.




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