The Best Grip Yoga Mat from India.

What is a JURU Mat?

A blend of premium quality Mediterranean cork and natural rubber, also called Para rubber, Indian rubber or caoutchouc, is 100% eco friendly. Like cork, the rubber tree is a sustainable crop and helps maintain the global carbon balance in the atmosphere.

What are the benefits of cork yoga mat?

The biggest advantage of these non-slip Cork Yoga mats is the grip! No matter which style of yoga you practice, you do not have to worry about slipping or asana alignment.

The non-slip Cork Yoga mats will enhance your alignment and help you advance in your practice.

The sweatier you get, the grippier the yoga mat gets! It does not feel like wood, plastic or vinyl and has a yielding and soft feel which is ideal for long hours of practice.

Cork contains suberin which naturally repels vermin and insects. This makes cork resistant to the growth bacterias, and can therefore help to promote the healthiest and clean surface for Yoga practice.

The Mats are 100% recyclable and made to last for years.

How to choose the right cork Yoga Mat?

There are many cork yoga mats available online; however, not all are durable and not all are eco friendly. This is because cork has a unique cellular structure with millions of cells enclosed with a gaseous substance. On its own, it can break or wear off easily if it is rolled up, bent or if too much pressure is exerted.

Also some manufacturers may use cork that is primarily for building trade or industrial use, which is usually acquired from the first two harvests of a new cork oak. Thus the durability factor does not apply to all cork yoga mats.

Other manufacturers have overcome this by adding a TPE or synthetic rubber layer. TPE or thermoplastic elastomers is still a mix of rubber and plastic and other synthetic materials.

Will you consider this natural?

How To clean cork yoga mats?

The organic yoga mats are washable. Place it under running tap water (or in a bucket of water) and rub the surface with your hands. Please avoid using any chemicals or soaps for cleaning. The mat dries quickly under sunlight or under the fan.

Alternatively, you can just use a wet cloth to wipe the surface after your practice.

Do not put your mats in washing machine.

DONOT fold the mat

Sea-water will not damage your mat! Just remember to wash it with plain water (once done) to avoid salt-water stains.

You do not have to worry about bacteria, infections or allergies because of the antimicrobial surface.

Thus you benefit the most from using eco friendly cork yoga mats, and you also contribute towards a greener Earth. Going green is a personal choice and your decision directly impacts the planet.

The more we take care of our environment, the more it will last. PVC and toxic waste are harmful for nature, sea, animals and you. When you make biodegradable choices you reduce your carbon footprint and pollution.


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