Yogis Care For Mother Earth

JURU Yoga is committed to the cause of keeping the world of Yoga plastic free. It is alarming how plastics and pollutants have become a part of our day to day life. From basic necessities to newer inventions designed to make our busy life more convenient, plastic is everywhere in every form! It is also the surface you choose to relax and breathe on for better health!

Doesn’t make sense? It is ironical but true! Most Yoga mats are made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which environmentalists have identified as the most toxic plastic in existence today. Many people are unaware of this and as a first choice, opt for commonly available and colorful Yoga mats that appear to be cushioned and comfortable.

The world needs more green warriors. The world needs more Yogis.

With Yoga’s popularity, the world should actually become more greener, on the contrary, we are only adding to plastic pollution. These mats are harmful to your health and environment.

Our primary cause is thus to create more awareness about the harmful effects of PVC on your health and the environment, awareness about plastic pollution globally (in oceans and landfills) and also engage Yoga studios and teachers in our Green Influencer program and give them a platform to come together as a community and help us spread awareness about keeping the world of Yoga plastic free.

Most of the discarded forms of plastic are tough to recycle and end up in landfills, and from here they make it into the ocean. It further breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces known as “microplastics” rather than biodegrading or dissolving, which poses great threats to marine life including fish.

A Yogi makes a conscious choice. A Yogi cares for Mother Earth.

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