How Can You Enhance Your Yoga Practice ?


1. Do Not compromise on your grip.

2. Don't let sweat make it difficult to hold postures.

3. Use knee pillows for cushioning, blocks and belts to deepen stretches.

4. Use a natural yoga mat to breathe freely and to avoid PVC odour.

5. Get comfortable with practice on a firm surface.

6. Keep your yoga mat clean. Wipe it with a wet cloth after sweaty practice.

7. Practice daily, remember to breathe and do not skip Savasana.

8. Share good vibes and always SMILE!.

Ever wondered why Yoga is usually done barefoot ?
How do you feel when you walk barefoot on Earth ?
Connected with Mother Nature ?
More grounded ?

Better control of your foot position when it strikes the ground, improved balance, proprioception, and body awareness are few of the important benefits of walking barefoot. This can also help with pain relief and better foot mechanics can lead to improved mechanics of the hips, knees, and core. .

Thus it is recommended that you practice Yoga barefoot as you will find more stability and can maintain a balanced contact with the floor, which is essential for standing poses.

Unlike a cushioned or a slippery surface such as PVC, Eva foam, Microfiber or Cotton mats, the JURU mats are designed to make you feel grounded and provide the desired grip to your feet to stretch and strengthen all the muscles. Also the unmatched quality grip ensures you don't slip or injure yourself while practicing asanas like Downward Dog or Trikonasana.

”The mat is incredible and very durable. I love it! 

Founder & Creator of CYBERYOGA ,LA

A blend of premium quality Mediterranean cork and natural rubber, also called Para rubber, Indian rubber or caoutchouc, is 100% eco friendly. Like cork, the rubber tree is a sustainable crop and helps maintain the global carbon balance in the atmosphere.


  • JURU Dhyana Cork Yoga Mat

    Rated 4.50 out of 5

    The word ‘Dhyana’ means contemplation and meditation. The JURU Dhyana yoga mat is perfect for strong and long hours of practice. Its amazing fine textured surface gets better every time you sweat and become a part of your everyday yoga practice. Best for outdoor practice can be also used in studios and is one of the popular yoga mats for hot and sweaty practice.

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  • JURU Harita Cork Yoga Mat

    Rated 4.80 out of 5

    The word ‘Harita’ means nature’s beloved or friend. The JURU Harita yoga mat is ideal for yogis who love the color green and offer the same anti-slip and durable properties. These yoga mats are visually very soothing and perform as good as any of the JURU mats. The mat has a smooth surface.

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  • JURU Mandala Cork Yoga Mat

    Rated 4.67 out of 5

    The word ‘Mandala’ represents the cosmos. The JURU Mandala yoga mat is our first yoga mat made for serious yogis who love to practice regularly. These yoga mats are ideal for yoga studios and home practice as they offer the best grip and are easy to maintain and clean. The Mandala yoga mat provides a textured grip and is used by popular yoga retreats and spa resorts for its durability which comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you are looking for a yoga companion the Mandala yoga mat is for you.

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  • JURU Yoga Headstand Pillow


    The headstand pillow is made of cotton and is a yogis headstand partner. The crown of the head is a very soft part which is prone to injury/pressure. Using a headstand pillow provides cushioning while allowing you to find your balance and practice without fear of hurting your crown, especially when making multiple attempts. The headstand pillow can also be used as a knee pillow and used to provide a soft cushion for multiple asanas.

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”So grateful for the JURU yoga mat ! It keeps me stable in my asana practice helping to ensure a non slip and sure grip through my practice and transitions. I’ve been using this light and well made mat overlay by Juru which sits on top of my regular mat, and it is easy to clean and its durability and lightweight makes it very convenient to travel with. I would recommend Juru Yoga to all practitioners! Thank you Juru!

Founder, Radhika Yoga

Green Yoga Partners

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