Why Is Non-Toxic Yoga Mats The Current Trend Among Modern Yogis And Yoga Practitioners

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Yoga – The ultimate union of mind and body

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Yoga is one of the best solutions for staying fit and healthy. This is a regime that can be started at any point of time in life irrespective of age and we are never too old or young to start a healthy and dynamic practice like yoga. The stretches and asanas keep us blooming and free from any ailments or disorders. The twists, conscious breathing, relaxation, and transpositions all combine to confer the kind of health non-yoga practitioners can only hope for.

Talking about health and fitness, there are many questions that frequently pose in the minds of the practitioners like, what are the benefits of yoga? What are the benefits of meditation? Which style of yoga should I practice? Can yoga be practiced by people with physical ailments? And many more. The practice of Yoga that had originated in ancient India is a methodical process of continuous healing and transformation of mind, body and soul. Thus the benefits of Yoga are many, both physical and psychological.

For beginners, yoga is about letting go of all the connections and just become open receptacles to breathe in life and accept the flow. It tends to get in our own way on the road to creating a better life. Who does not feel better after yoga class? It declines blood pressure, upsurges endurance and flexibility, alleviates the nervous system and opens up your channels in ways that you have never imagined.

With so many health benefits of yoga, more youngsters are opting for this fitness regime and are practicing it on daily basis. Today we have various forms of yoga practiced around the world and each form has its unique style and range of yoga props and accessories, yoga mats being mandatory and necessary. Using appropriate mats and props help enhance the practice and these days yogis are becoming more aware about their daily choices. We thus see a rise in the number of yogis and yoga practitioners opting for organic products, such as non-toxic yoga mats, props and clothing as they are all aware of the harmful effects of PVC mats.

Go organic! Buy biodegradable yoga accessories!

While practicing yoga, mats and props play a vibrant role for they are indispensable parts of the yoga kit. Yoga accessories are helpful tools to achieve alignment in different poses and maintain a healthy body, and are equally important in the practice of restorative yoga, meditation and pranayama. Non-toxic yoga mats are the environmentally cognizant option when it comes to appreciating a spiritual and health oriented exercise like yoga. If you are a yoga practitioner and are still using PVC mats, it is time to make the change for the better. Switch to non-toxic yoga mats and props and give yourself the gift of peace and health.

PVC yoga mats Vs eco-friendly yoga mats

The market is drenched with all kinds of mats. While the current trend among the modern yogis is non-toxic yoga products, one should make the decision by weighing down the negative aspects of toxic mats.

PVC Mats- It’s curse on the environment

Most of the practitioners opt for these stinky PVC mats for their pricing structure, but it is essentially priceless when you consider the harmful impact on human health and the environment. PVC cannot incinerate or bury in landfills because it releases dioxin, a known carcinogen.

Eco-friendly cork mats

Cork mats and natural rubber yoga mats are fairly durable and eco-friendly due to its biodegradable nature. These non-toxic, eco-friendly yoga accessories attract a higher price than the PVC counterpart attracts but does not pose an injurious emission to you and the environment. Good quality products and accessories are essential for a healthy life and a fulfilled yoga practice. Motivate your practice towards a healthy lifestyle by switching over to these non-toxic yoga mats and accessories.

High-quality natural rubber yoga mats and accessories are your ideal partner for exercises and our online store’s products get the highest reviews overall according to consumer search and are known for its good traction properties and cushioning. Just get going with our comprehensive range of eco-friendly products! You can now buy the finest yoga accessories here.


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