"Wow! The mat is just awesome! And the grip is so strong.. the color of the mat makes me feel grounded, I feel like I am very close to the earth's energy. The mat does not have folding issue and the quality is amazing, it is eco-friendly, safe and free from plastic. Feels so organic."  
By Sabaritha SCertified Yoga Teacher, Gold Medalist in National and International Championships
"Looking for just the right thickness and proper stick in a mat can be quite challenging but the Juru mat withstood the test. With the perfect thickness and stick for my vinyasa practice, it has an earthy feel making it easy to ground and stay present during the flow of movement and the stillness of asana."
By Gianna500 Hrs Bikram Yoga Teacher
"The mat is incredible and very durable. I love it!"
By Lamonte GoodeFounder & Creator of CYBERYOGA ,LA
"To feel grounded, complete, peaceful and one with the universe is what I look forward to when I practice Yoga and my Shakti JURU Yoga mat helps me achieve it. The grip of my mat gives me the confidence to get a little more deep into my asana. As an Ashtnga yoga practitioner, I am extremely glad to have found JURU mat."
By Ashish RathodAsthanga Yoga Practitioner, Hyderabad
"I bought my Juru Mandala mat almost a year ago and it continues to stay as firm as it arrived. What I love the most about the mat is it’s material, that provides me with the best grip during my ashtanga practices and prevents skidding entirely. The colour is so earthy always making me feel grounded to the natural earth. I’ve found it very easy to maintain as well."
By Prerna RamananthYoga Teacher RYT 200, 500 hours, RCYT
''Cork is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. It is natural , biodegradable and renewable too. My yoga practice is usually outdoors and this Bhoomi mat from JURU Yoga is perfect for that because it tends to repel dust, other small particles and even small vermin and insects from it's surface too''
By Harshvardhan JhaveriYoga Teacher, Sanskrit and a Vegan
''I am so in love with it! Every aspect of it is so well thought out and so beautifully designed, enabling me to practice to the best of my ability. The amazing grip keeps me stable and grounded throughout my practice. It is definitely anti- slip! Even during sweaty practices this enables me to really focus on my breath and my practice. I love the colour and the feel of the mat, being made from cork makes it really unique and special. Juru yoga mats are extremely durable, sustainable , eco friendly, vegan, 100% natural! What more could you want from a mat? Highly recommend investing in these beautiful mats.''
By Rebecca FoulkesGreen Optimist & Yogi (UK)
''Practice on my JURU mat gives me the required grounding and stability and helps me to find the required graceful mobility in my practice.''
By Pratibha Agarwal Founder Anahata Yoga Zone, Hyderabad

''I have a Bhoomi mat (Sanskrit word Bhoomi means Earth) and I feel through using it, I am better connecting myself and my practise with Mother Earth as my mat is not doing any damage to the surrounding. The energy is purer and dedicating my practise to Ishvara Pranidhana is not undermined by standing on a nasty, chemically produced mat. Also JURU cork mats are absolutely perfect for me because they really do become more grippy with sweat, and as a naturally sweaty person, this is awesome and so appreciated! And just another reason why natural is best.''

By Jess WilsonCertified Yoga Teacher (UK)
"I'm absolutely in love with my Bhoomi mat! I love the simplicity, the natural cork color and even how it smells 🙂 The grip is amazing on both flat indoor surface and grassy & sandy outdoor terrain. from practice to practice it becomes more & more soft and comfortable. This mat is a bit heavier from the other mats that I had but by far much more durable and probably will stay with for a loooooong time 🙂 Highly recommend!"
By Idan KirshnerCertified Yoga Teacher, Thailand
"The shakti mat is very good. It has an excellent grip, because it's so unique, people keep asking me about it. It definitely stands out."
By Eden GershonCertified Yoga Teacher, Israel
"The Juru blocks are a great prop to add a extension to the practice. It's serves as support and weights for me.  Sometimes I also use it for alignment purpose. The feel of the cork material is something that I really love , in fact in my house it part of my home decor too because it's  aesthetic are so clean"
By Dolly SinghBody Positivity & Curvy Girl Yoga
''As a yoga teacher, yoga blocks feature regularly in my classes. After a few classes, I found my student all fighting to use the JURU Blocks as opposed to the other ones. They were a lot more stable and solid and surprisingly really light - I have fallen in love with them, and so have all my students''
By Rohini MonoharYoga Teacher, Chennai
''I've seen cork mats in the market for quite a few years now. I love the idea that it is made of biodegradable material and is earth friendly. The cork mats I have come across previously were either too heavy and bulky or do not have the grip that I like on a regular rubber mat. Juru's Dhyana cork mat, however, is just awesome! It is light and so I can easily travel with it. It also works great on all surfaces like grass, sand or soil and is easily washable. The surface is nice and grippy, perfect for a strong, sweaty practice or just a gentle Yin practice. Definitely a keeper!''
By Nora LimYoga Teacher, Chennai
''In the last two months I have used this mat pretty much everywhere, except snowy terrain. The comfort is a rugged kind, where the feel of the mat takes the form of the surface you use it on allowing you to feel safe and grounded. My mat got a taste of grassy, rocky, muddy and sandy terrain and I feel it is becoming more comfortable with time. Foldable, light, doesn’t accumulate dirt and the grip is only getting better''
By Disha DeshpandeTravel Yogi
''It is firm and grounded when I practise, I don't slip. It is odour free which is one of my biggest irritations with other mats. It strangely doesn't seem to smell post sweating on the mat. And its easy to wipe down and clean. And best part, its made in India :)''
By Divya RollaYoga Teacher, Chennai
I've had a lot of trouble choosing a good yoga mat as I wanted something that would see me through the years without crumbling, the way most mats start to after a season. Then I found this! JURU Yoga mat is vegan, biodegradable, smell free, long enough for tall people, has grip so my wrists are finally finally protected, fits into my @theburlappeople bag and lasts a really really long time.
By Karuna Ezara ParikhModel, Writer and Certified Yoga Teacher
Amazing grip. Perfect feel. Good quality. Earthy colour. Eco-friendly.  JURU Shakti is such a perfect mat to practice on.
By Nagi ChandanTraveller and Certified Teacher
I love the upgraded sustainable cork mats - smoother feel but still grippy as ever (especially as the practice heats up)! Spiceyoga.com
By Ling (Spice Sadhaka)International Yoga Teacher, New York
Buying a yoga mat for myself wasn't easy, as I had certain specifications in mind about the look, feel and most importantly for me was that I wanted something environmental friendly. When I came across the Juru yoga mats I stopped searching because I found exactly what I wanted. The grip is great no matter how much you sweat, I absolutely love the look and feel of it. My favourite part about the mat is that it's biodegradable! I found my perfect match and travel with it everywhere!
By Bhavya MandannaCertified Yoga Teacher, Calisthenic Workouts, Environmentalist.
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