5 Ways Cork Yoga Blocks Can Deepen Your Yoga Practice

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It’s possible with Natural Cork Yoga Blocks!

Build stamina and deepen your practice with natural yoga cork blocks. If you are yet to pick up Yoga blocks, go for a pair so you can use them in arm balances too. It helps engage the muscles of arms, legs, and helps the body find a lift in arm-balances, standing asanas and core-strengthening poses. Cork blocks are durable, all natural and provide a solid foundation.

Standing Asanas

Ardha Chandrasana (also Parivrtta / Twist variation), Parsvakonasana (also Parivrtta / Twist variation), Revolved Triangle, etc., are a few poses where natural cork yoga blocks can help you balance and hold the pose for longer.

Arm Balances and Core-strengthening Poses

Tithibhasana, Bhujapidasana, Bakasana, etc are challenging poses but a lot of fun with yoga blocks as they help you maintain a lot of height and help you lift higher.

You can also place these yoga block between your inner thighs in poses like Plank, Lower Plank, Sethu Bandhasana, etc for better alignment, body awareness and strength.

Seated Asanas

In seated forward bends like Paschimottanasana, sitting on the edge of the block can help beginners with alignment and flexibility.

These natural cork yoga blogs can also be placed under the hip for hip rotation and to achieve the forward tilt of the pelvis in asanas like Pigeon Pose, Straight Split, etc.

Viparita Karani Asana

Stay longer in this restorative inversion pose with your hips raised on a block! If you need more cushioning, place a blanket over it and relax!

Virasana and Baddha Konasana

You can also use blocks to support the sit bones in Virasana, or flip them as desired to support your knees in Baddha Konasana when tight groins can prevent the stretch and weight of the leg pulls too hard on inner thighs.

Natural Cork Blocks from JURU Yoga

JURU Yoga, an eco-consious brand started by yogi’s is first of it’s kind to offer eco-friendly yoga mats and other natural yoga props to a range of yoga practioners.  Natural Yoga props from JURU Yoga speak of style, comfort and quality. To learn more about Natural Cork Blocks from JURU yoga, visit our page.

Article By Puja Borker | Photo credits – Prathibha Murali Rao | Yogini – Aswathy Manoharan 

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