How A Travel Mat Helps To Keep Up With Your Yoga Practice

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Traveling can be absolutely fun and rejuvenating, and at the same time packing and unpacking can be taxing! It can throw your daily routine off track; your diet, sleeping pattern and exercise routine are most likely to get affected. If you are a yogi or fitness enthusiast, you are most likely to squeeze in at least 15 minutes of practice daily, which in turn will help you sleep and eat right irrespective of the distance, time difference, weather and itenary!

“Like yoga, traveling is never complete. It is a lifetime practice.” The Global Yogini

One could travel for leisure or work. When you are traveling for work, know-how of desktop yoga and poses that can be practiced in airplane will go a long way in keeping your stiffness, jet-lag, sleeplessness and stress at bay. When you are traveling for leisure, mainly to spend some time with loved ones or to explore a new place, the idea of continuing your yoga routine may, perhaps, not sound workable at first. But ask a yogi! Or even better, try practicing in your next trip. You will certainly not regret it.

A study published in Applied Research in Quality of LIfe journal shows that most people are not happier after a vacation due to travel-related stress such as ticket and accomodation planning, new location, finding good deals, unfamiliar group, etc. Stress can thus eliminate all the positive benefits of a holiday. It is thus clear that regardless of the purpose of travel, a few minutes of yoga will help you get the best out of your travel and either motivate you to explore and experiment or make you productive at work.

“Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time.” Ganga White

What should you carry with you for yoga?

When you think yoga…what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A non-toxic yoga mat? But you are perhaps already overweight with work-files, laptop, chargers and clothes. Or maybe you just don’t want to carry any extra baggage so you can carry back all the souvenirs, goodies and gifts! Of course you love your all-natural, brilliant grip mat … but you may not want to travel with it everywhere. So what is the solution?

A lightweight and foldable travel yoga mat! Travel mats are usually compact-designed, lightweight and flexible so you can fold them like a towel and put it in your check-in baggage or just put it in your hand bag or tote bag and carry it with ease. A good travel mat will weigh anywhere between 2 to 2.5 lbs (1 to 1.2 kgs), is thin and lightweight but provides you with a good natural surface so you can practice anywhere.

The JURU Yogi travel and meditation mat is a perfect travel mat for you, especially if you are looking for something that is 100% natural. This mat has an additional reversible feature, which means you can practice on the jute surface when practicing outdoors and you can also practice on the natural rubber surface when using it as a mat overlay. It is also washable, so you really don’t have to worry about wet soil or lawn.

What style of yoga can you practice?

You can download apps for travel you or airplane yoga or look-up online for 10 to 20 minute travel yoga flows. Just like your mat, you too have to be a little flexible with your routine when traveling. You may not be able to take an hour off for your yoga practice but you can certainly take 15 minutes off for yoga. Below are a few popular links for travel yoga.

Where Can You Practice With A Travel Mat?

You can practice anywhere! In your room, in the lawn, on the beach or even at the nearest gym or studio. The travel mat is provides great grip and cushioning when you practice on a natural surface like sand or grass. It also works well indoors on a carpeted flooring. If you have to practice on a wooden flooring or at some gym or studio, for best results, you can use the mat as an overlay over the common studio mat.

This way you do not have to worry about hygiene and most importantly about slipping as the natural rubber surface provides great grip. You can also use a towel or knee pillow for cushioning the knee in deep stretches. So you can practically use the mat for any style of yoga! Yoga is popular worldwide and there are some interesting yoga trends that are gaining popularity in different regions.

Here is your chance to be adventurous and experimental! Find out what’s trending in your location and get out there with your travel mat to experience something new! From aerial yoga to acro yoga, or styles like dance yoga or paddle board yoga … you are sure to find enough choices and select something that appeals to you most. Or if you are just in a ‘do not disturb’ mood … it is perfectly fine! You can practice your favorite stretches and unwind in savasana.

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