Top 5 Upcoming Yoga Trends to Try in 2017


We can clearly see that Yoga is back to our life with a latest Yoga trends

The science of Yoga, as we know it, has given us thousands of postures to choose from to maintain a healthy body and mind. With hundreds of prevailing yoga poses practiced by yoga-lovers around the world, modern yogis are now on a spree of adding a new twist to this age-old practice.

The ancient practice of yoga, which is known to have undergone significant changes over time, is now getting a completely modern twist to keep it upbeat, modern, flexible and fun, resulting in some unique yoga trends.

Below are some of the top trending yoga practices that are on the rise among current yoga practitioners.

Aerial yoga

This modern trend of yoga is an aerial adaptation of traditional yoga poses and offers same benefits and enthusiasm as ancient yoga techniques, better yet with additional benefits as well. This form of yoga is done by using props like soft fabric hammock that looks like a long scarf. This mostly is made of high-density nylon material that can support heavy weights and also has supporting chains and straps for grips.

Some of the benefits of aerial yoga are:
Greater Flexibility: Since there is more scope of freedom of movement, the practitioner can easily move their body into new positions which results in a deeper and more fulfilling stretch.


Better Focus: Aerial yoga is more challenging, hence forces the practitioner to be more alert and be aware of their surroundings. This helps in improved concentration and better focus.

Muscle Strength: Aerial yoga is a form of anti-gravity fitness because gravity is working harder on the body than usual. This is also a great core workout because the practitioner has to engage their core muscles to balance and stabilize themselves during the yoga session.

Stress-Relief: Much like traditional yoga, aerial yoga is great for stress relief. Not only does the practitioner holds poses and stretches like in other forms of yoga to relieve stress, but also experiences the joy of doing something new and exciting.

Paddle Yoga

“When you combine the yoga practice, with the natural elements of sunshine, water and fresh air, you get the added benefits that nature always provides. If you’re a nature lover, this is definitely for you!”- Dashama, International SUP Yoga Instructor.

Paddle yoga aka SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Yoga) is the top most yoga trends loved by every yogi. This form of yoga is widely practiced by many countries and stands top as favourite yoga trends by many.

Below are some of the benefits of this yoga trends.


Improves Health: Paddle yoga is great for body and health as it reduces stress, strengthens, tones and stretches body. This type of yoga transforms life as it combines yoga practice with natural elements like sun, water and fresh air. This gives natural benefits that nature provides to the human body.

Core Strength: Doing yoga on a paddleboard is a greater challenge as it is done on an unstable platform. This forces the practitioner use their core strength and stabilize their muscles. The technique used in paddle yoga slightly varies from traditional yoga methods but improves the practitioner’s overall balancing skills.

Breaks your fears and helps to bond: More than a work out, this form of activity helps in breaking through the fears of deep water or sea and is also considered as a fun filled fitness activity to bond with friends and family.

Laughter yoga

Laughter yoga is a unique routine that combines laughter exercises with breathing which brings in more oxygen to the body and brain making one feel more energetic and healthy. Ten minutes of laughing yoga is equal to a powerful cardio workout. There are numerous benefits of laughing yoga. Below are few of its benefits.

The foremost benefit of laughing is that one remains cheerful throughout the day. It decreases the negative effects of stress on the body which is the root cause of all illness. Laughter Yoga is a single exercise that deals with physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously. It also strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar and keeps the heart healthy.


Aqua yoga

Yoga can be vigorous as well as relaxing. Doing aqua yoga is relaxing than other modern yoga forms as the benefits of doing yoga in water are aplenty. This form of yoga is trending among modern yogis and is the most sought after yoga practice in India and other countries. The following are the benefits of Aqua Yoga.

They have little to no impact at all on joints and knees. This form is the ideal way for practice for practitioners with knee and joint problems to improve their strength, flexibility and range of motion. Since the body bears less weight in the water, the muscles are relaxed and therefore can be stretched and strengthened with less incidence of injury.


Katherine Winge, who is trained in Aqua Kriya Yoga states that “The buoyant effect of water takes the pressure of a person’s weight off the joints, alleviating pain or discomfort people may feel when exercising”.

Aqua yoga is said to have benefited many people, including those with arthritis, hip and or knee replacements, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, anxiety, depression, pre-natal, post-natal, post-surgery, people with difficulty balancing and sciatica.

Doga- Dog+Yoga

Doga is the practice of doing yoga with your pet dog. Getting engaged with pets are always fun and doga is the sacred union between the dog and the owner.

Engaging dogs in yoga practice enables the practitioner to observe their attitude towards themselves and all living beings and get a deeper insight and understanding of behavioral patterns that arise from the mind. Besides getting more engaged and spending time with your pet, the following are the benefits of doga.


Doing yoga with dogs makes the practitioner feel more relaxed. There are studios where doga is practiced and taking your dogs to these places will improve your social life as more pet owners get together for this fitness routine.

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