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In our fast-paced, hard-working world, the importance of being healthy and keeping our mind and body in a calm and balanced state is rising rapidly. As the work-life imbalance begins to take a toll on our health, we start thinking deeper about our lifestyle, embracing changes, building more useful habits, and consuming consciously.

A healthy lifestyle includes physical exercises to make your body stronger, meditation, which makes you calmer and more focused. And when you talk about body-mind-soul connection, is there a better option than Yoga? Yoga is a perfect combination of body and mind workout. 

Apart from maintaining a healthy body, the practice of mindfulness starts affecting your daily choices. It inspires you to eat and drink healthy, you prefer opting for organic natural food, vitamins, nutrients, and become more conscious about your everyday choices and its impact on your health and the environment.  

In keeping with this awareness of leading a holistic and healthy lifestyle, one of the recently launched organic plant-infused element, CBD, is getting more and more popular among people who care about wellness and health. In fact, CBD Yoga is now slowly gaining popularity worldwide. We have discussed this in detail below; but before that, let us familiarise ourselves with what exactly is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a component of cannabis, which has antioxidant, pain-relieving, anti-itching, anti-inflammatory properties along with many other health benefits. And it is safe and has no psychoactive effects. 

One of the most common doubts that comes to mind is if CBD can get you high. And the answer is NO. Still, many individuals might assume CBD causes the same effects as marijuana because both can be found in the same plant. However, CBD alone is non-intoxicating. It won’t cause a high.

If you want to learn more about the difference between cannabis components and be sure about their characteristics, do visit AskGrowers, where you can find all the necessary information.

Is it legal?

Sure, each country has its own laws, according to cannabis. In most countries, cannabis itself is illegal, but CBD, as an extract used for medical and cosmetic purposes, is often legal. There are diverse regulations, but you can generally find CBD skincare, bars, and oils absolutely legal worldwide. In India, selling of CBD oil extracted from the leaves of hemp is legal. As of now it is mostly sold for neurological and mental illness and only to those with medical prescriptions. 

How CBD works?

First of all, it is important to mention that CBD can be consumed in different forms, therefore it can influence your body in different ways. To mention the medical use of this component, it often can substitute other medicines with harsh side-effects caused by the many chemicals in them. It is needless to say that natural components in alternate medicine can prevent lots of other troubles. So let’s check out what CBD is beneficial for.

In his article for Harvard Medical School, Peter Grinspoon claims that Cannabidiol helps to combat the heaviest states of children’s epilepsy, it shortens the number of seizures or even stops them for good.

CBD is also famous for its pain-relieving characteristics. It is even effective against chronic pains. European Journal of Pain conducted a study that has proven that cannabidiol reduces pain and inflammation when applied topically in arthritis cases. CBD is efficient for all states that include pain of all types caused by different reasons.

For those who suffer from anxiety and depressions, there are different ways to ease the state. People often do yoga to overcome anxiety, others use medicines and in this case, cannabidiol is also effective. It is also proven to help to fall asleep for those who suffer from insomnia.

For cosmetic purposes, CBD is a brilliant remedy for those who have problems with dry skin, itching, inflammation or even acne. Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties treat skin aging issues. Cannabidiol’s non-comedogenic nature makes it safe in clogging pores problems and it also regulates skin lipid production. 

How to use CBD for your body?

As mentioned earlier, CBD comes in different forms and it is totally up to you to choose which way of consumption suits you best. It helps to understand the list of CBD benefits in detail to cure the particular ailment/pain. 


If you are interested in CBD skincare, you may choose CBD lotion, cream, soap, cleanser. You can use a CBD face mask, body butter or face serum. Cannabidiol is a perfect component for skincare products because it keeps the skin hydrated, controls the lipid production and is actually good for dry as well as for oily skin. 

It combats ageing and has anti-inflammatory effects. CBD skincare even regulates the skin cells renewal, so it might help with eczema or psoriasis problems. In general, if you use CBD lotions, creams or other products your skin will be grateful to you.


There is also an array of CBD products in order to combat stress, anxiety, depression or pain issues. Some people love inhaling their cannabidiol with CBD cigarettes. They are absolutely like the usual ones, but there is no tobacco and they include almost 100% CBD. However, they are not fully safe because it is still smoke inhalation, but if you smoke and want to quit tobacco this could help you overcome your addiction as it has relaxing and pain-relieving effects.

In recipes and drinks

Another way of consuming CBD is with food and drinks. The variety of existing CBD edibles is amazing. The most popular are mints, gummy bears, muffins and cookies, but nowadays, the range is so wide, that probably each user may find something that best suits his/her tastebuds. You can also find lots of CBD recipes online. 

All you will need is CBD strain weed, or CBD isolate or CBD oil, and other ingredients needed for the recipe and you can cook whatever you like, from usual muffins to omelettes or milkshakes for breakfast. Instead of eating CBD, you can also drink it. You can buy and try CBD Soda, CBD coffee or CBD Tea with different flavours.

Creams and balms

Topical application of CBD pain creams or balms to reduce muscles or joints pain is another great way to benefit from CBD. These products are usually pretty potent and are popular among athletes to reduce pain and recovery. It is also possible to take a bath with a CBD bath bomb or take a massage with CBD massage oil.

CBD oil

And last but not the least on our list is CBD oil. It must be the most popular product because it is easy to use and has a variety of uses. CBD oil is the product that can be added to any cream, can be swallowed in capsules, can be added to food and drinks or just rubbed on the skin. 

The market is full of CBD oils of various brands with different potency. People use it to fight health problems such as to relax after a hard day at work, to sleep better, or to overcome pains and mood swings. Talking about pain, anxiety, and sleep, another great therapy or tool that comes to mind is Yoga! So can CBD and Yoga work together? Let’s find out. 

CBD and Yoga

Kerala-based (India) Dr Sayed Tahir Hassan who is also a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, California explains, “Usage of CBD helps to delay the destruction of the endocannabinoid cells that makes the endocannabinoid system in the human body. This system is responsible for maintaining different body functions like appetite, reward function and sleep. It also helps to reduce anxiety and gives us a relaxed feel.” 

Perhaps this is the reason why CBD Yoga is gaining popularity as it helps induce relaxation, reduce blood pressure and anxiety. Some users also claim that it helps improve their fouc and creativity on the mat as they as it helps shift the focus inward and silence external distractions. 

Another reason is its effect on sore muscles and achy joints. CBD, either when applied topically or when ingested, can help curb inflammation in muscle tissue, enhances faster recovery from injury, and supports cortisol reduction which reduces stress levels. It does fit naturally well with restorative yoga or any gentle yoga flow classes. If you practice yoga, recall your first savasana or the aches and pains in your muscles after the first yoga class. Was it easy? 

Though the practice of yoga is to help you unwind and relax, it takes a few sessions for the body and mind to get use to Savasana and ignore the external distractions and restlessness and likewise, it takes practice for the muscles to get use to the stretching. Thus, some yoga teachers are now using CBD and also refer to its ancient Indian roots, and the connect between ascetics or yogis and use of cannabis. 

However, it is important to know that CBD is not a mircale cure for anxiety or pain. Also, the dosage really varies from one individual to another. Have you tried CBD Yoga? If yes, please share your experience below as comments.If not, let us know what you think about CBD Yoga?

What is important in CBD usage?

If your purpose is not to treat some serious disease and the idea is to stay healthy, then the advice for you is to start low and go slow with dosage. Of course, most of the CBD products are already made with a small amount that just can not cause any side effects, unless you are allergic. 

But if you use CBD oil and choose the dosage yourself, the best idea would be to start from micro portions. There is no special key because everything depends on weight, height, sex, diet, etc of every individual. There is no doubt that in any given case, it is best to take the doctor’s advice on what to choose and in what amount.

A final word on CBD body and mind care

It is certainly a very good thing that people discovered the benefits that CBD can bring to our lives. Without any psychoactive effects, it is very useful for skin, for muscles, joints and mind. Though it is not psychotropic, you still may not pass the drug test all the time as in rare cases presence of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in CBD might lead to a positive drug test. 

It all depends on the product quality and composition. Also, hemp-derived is less likely to contain THC than marijuana-derived CBD.  Different testing methods have different cut-off values and if you don’t mind such tests, CBD could be a really helpful natural component in your everyday life.

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