• JURU Cotton Yoga Blanket


    This soft all-natural, 100% cotton blankets are hand-woven to provide perfect warmth and comfort for savasana. They are very beneficial for cushioning joints in stretches like Ustrasana, cat-cow stretch, or…

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  • JURU Yoga Sand Bag


    JURU Yoga sandbags are made of cotton, making them 100% natural and biodegradable. They are durable and take up to 5 kgs of weight. You can choose your filling, with…

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  • JURU Flaxseed Cotton Eye Pillow

    700.00 550.00

    The therapeutic flaxseed eye pillows come with a mild lavender aroma which enhances your relaxation. The inner pouch is filled with flaxseeds, which is not only 100% natural but also…

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  • JURU Yoga Knee Cushion


    The knee pillow is made of cotton and comes with a unique design which is ideal for cushioning the knee and avoiding injury. They are useful for beginners, pregnant women…

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  • JURU Classic String Cotton Bag


    The trendy string bags are popular as beach bags and shopping bags. They are made of recycled cotton and come with a simple and elegant design. Use them as prop-bags…

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