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  • JURU Yoga Knee Cushion


    The knee pillow is made of cotton and comes with a unique design which is ideal for cushioning the knee and avoiding injury. They are useful for beginners, pregnant women…

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  • WARRIOR ENERGY Post Yoga Work Out Drink


    Traditionally called Sathumaavu, it was originally prepared for the Kshatriyas, especially in the Kalaripyattu tradition. Because of its high nutrient value and many health benefits, it is also recommended for…

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  • JURU Classic String Cotton Bag


    The trendy string bags are popular as beach bags and shopping bags. They are made of recycled cotton and come with a simple and elegant design. Use them as prop-bags…

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  • JURU Yoga Headstand Pillow


    The headstand pillow is made of cotton and is a yogis headstand partner. The crown of the head is a very soft part which is prone to injury/pressure. Using a…

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  • JURU Yoga Mat Bag

    500.00 400.00

    These beautiful canvas bags with shloka 'may all beings be happy' are designed for durability and comfort. Carry your cork yoga mats with ease and secure them with the drawstring.…

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  • Cotton Yoga Strap


    These soft yet durable cotton belts come with adjustable D-Rings made of metal. They are eco-friendly and recyclable. The length and thickness make them ideal for all sizes and shapes. Use…

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  • JURU Yoga Mat Bag Peacock Design

    500.00 400.00

    Beautiful prints of the peacock in blue which is the national bird of India. The peacock symbolizes dignity and beauty. Carry your cork yoga mats with ease and secure them with…

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  • JURU Flaxseed Cotton Eye Pillow

    700.00 550.00

    The therapeutic flaxseed eye pillows come with a mild lavender aroma which enhances your relaxation. The inner pouch is filled with flaxseeds, which is not only 100% natural but also…

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  • JURU Home Fitness Plank Mat


    Planking is the best exercise for losing belly fat. Do it every morning or after a workout! With the JURU Plank Mat, you can do it much longer cause of…

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  • JURU Yoga Sand Bag


    JURU Yoga sandbags are made of cotton, making them 100% natural and biodegradable. They are durable and take up to 5 kgs of weight. You can choose your filling, with…

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  • JURU Handmade Indian Yoga Mat Bag

    750.00 600.00

    100% natural and handmade by rural women, this beautiful yoga mat-bags is made of durable cotton, beautified with Indian traditional zari (golden embroidery) border. Made of highly durable canvas lining and…

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  • JURU Cork Yoga Block


    A cork yoga block is an essential prop for yoga practice. The cork made yoga block provide the right stability, firm grip and won't slip during practice. The JURU yoga…

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