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Purple JURU Yoga Strap


Use our Yoga Straps for posture alignment and deep stretches. It is a great complement to your practice. It can make your poses simpler for beginners and more advanced for expert yogis.


Size: 80 x 1.5 inch 



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  • Adjust the length of the strap/loop with the built-in metal D-ring.
  • Use the yoga strap for flexibility in deep stretches like paschimottanasana.
  • Strap helps you reach out to your toes or ankles in pigeon pose or natrajasana.
  • Avoid over-stretching or muscle injury with strap in shoulder stretches, or arm balances.
  • Find stability in utthita (and Supta) hasta padangusthasana.
  • You can even use your yoga belt to carry your cork mat bag. 


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