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JURU Namaste Cork Yoga Block


Firm, durable and superior traction.

Blocks can be really useful for beginners and seasoned.

Cork blocks are neither too heavy nor too light.

They are strong and provide solid support, especially for beginners.


Good grip | Light weight | Firm | Stable | Balance

Set of 2

Size: 9 x 5.5 x 3.5 in | Weight: 350 gms 



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GOOD GRIP             NON TOXIC              WASHABLE            ANTI MICROBIAL


How To Use

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  • Sit on the blocks for alignment, length and flexibility in forward bends and avoid rounding the spine.
  • Find balance and stability in standing asanas.
  • Deepens stretches and adds resistance in full wheel pose, bridge pose, pigeon pose, shoulder stand, etc.
  • Arm balances are fun with support from blocks.
  • Cork blocks are easy to maintain because of its anti-microbial surface.
  • Cork is also a biodegradable material and is the best option for the eco-conscious yogis.


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