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The word ‘Mandala’ represents the cosmos. The Mandala yoga mat is our first yoga mat made for serious yogis who love to practice regularly. These yoga mats are ideal for yoga studios and home practice as they offer a good grip. The Mandala yoga mat provides a textured grip and is used by popular yoga retreats and spa resorts for its durability. 


> Unmatched Grip during sweaty practice

> Non-Slip – Doesn’t slide on the floor

> Naturally antimicrobial

> Reversible to be used both sides

> Washable and no smell

> Eco-Friendly and easily recyclable

> 6 ft x 2 ft2.5 Kg3 mm

> 1 Mat + Sling


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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 10

    Anupama Udawant

    Whatever properties that are mentioned about this mat, it has them. And I am extremely happy with it, especially with Anti-Slip. Even though it doesn’t have cushioning but, I got used to it eventually & for some poses I just put my hand towel underneath. I recommend Juru Yoga to as many people as I can because it’s amazing that such quality was developed in India, by an Indian Woman! 🙂
    Thank you!

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    The mat has all the key qualities required for a good yoga session regardless of being a seasoned yogi or a beginner. Your yoga starts with your mat and Juru has managed to create the mat with just the rite quality of (a)SUPPORT , for knees and joints , the material is not too rough and not too soft but just rite , (b) CONTROL , usually while practising postures you find yourself slipping away but with the juru mat , the grip is perfect and firm (c) MAINTENANCE , the mat is easy to wash and dry and the earthy texture with no odour is what you need . Highly recommended.

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  3. 10


    I have been using Mandala mat for last one year. Earlier I use, normal mat but this mat made my experience in different way that a mat has also multiple feature like as better grip during practice Eco friendly and washable also.
    Love this mat.

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    I got this yoga mat for my husband who first was kind of reluctant like ‘what? Cork?’… Then he tried and he was totally pleased about the great grip despite sweating and the easy cleaning process which makes his work out so better than before!

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    • Admin

      Thank you so much for your review!

  5. 10

    Rebecca Hodge

    The mat is the best mat I’ve found and I’m very happy with it. The ethos of making the mat is cool and it’s a great design. The functionality is really good, my feet stay put and I can spring and twist with real hold. The ordering process was very friendly and the packaging was recyclable and ethically made too.

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    • JURU Yoga

      Thank you!

  6. 10


    Ordered this mat to replace my old PVC mat. I am loving this mat. The length and breadth are right as is the thickness. There isn’t much “give” but this works well for me. Others have mentioned the good grip and I concur. If you must fold the mat (as in some Iyengar poses), then keeping a backup foldable mat is a good idea. But for most asanas and other exercises, this is a wonderful mat. The texture is also good to maintain your grip (I use it on a smooth stone tiled floor). There is a smell of fresh cork but it fades over time. Getting the bag is good for neat storage. Overall I highly recommend this mat especially for home practice.

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    • Admin

      Thank you for the wonderful review.
      To maintain the mat, you can wash the mat once in 5-6 months and use any non-toxic detergent and soft scrub/brush to clean the surface.

  7. 10

    elizabeth nusselein

    Although with Pandemic restrictions the yoga mats did arrive ( be it too late as a bday present ) you did your best and we’re very satisfied with them ! lisbeth Auroville

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  8. 10

    Aditi Jaiswal

    The grip and feel is excellent

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  9. 10

    Karthikeyan S U

    The sling was dusty, otherwise it was good and is a great product.

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  10. 10

    Anshul Sinha

    After reading all those rave reviews of the mat, I was really curious and excited to experience it myself. What I liked about the mat:
    1)I thought it would be cork layer pasted on rubber sheet but rubber was nicely blended with cork giving it soft texture.
    2)Grip was the main selling point of it and there was not an iota of disappointment in this regard. Doing some poses I found the grip to be noticeably superior from my previous eva foam mat. On the floor,
    It just sticks like a tape. Even on slippery tiles no issues.
    3) Just like Kusha grass mat,Sitting on this mat gave positive vibes. Probably because both cork and natural rubber used are positive pranic substances.
    4) Free face mask is very useful. Thanks for it.
    5)Price: Considering quality, It is modestly priced. I would have still bought it even if I had to pay some more.

    Now Issues faced.
    Cushioning: In some poses eg equestrian in Surya Namaskar I felt too much strain/pain in knee.
    I am overweight so it’s hurting me even more. Lot of pressure on knee.
    I thought of putting another mat below this mat but it’s not a great idea either. I don’t have another spare mat.
    If at all you are able to overcome this limitation in future it would be a truly outstanding product.

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