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JURU Mandala Combo (Free Shipping)

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1 Mandala + 1 Mat Sling + 2 Eco Yoga Blocks
It is a perfect time to pause and think about the planet we live in, to take steps to save it, nurture it, and to express love and gratitude to Mother Earth.


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1 Mandala + 1 Mat Sling + 2 Eco Yoga Blocks

Mandala mats come with a sturdy look and surface that can handle dirt and sweat with aplomb! Yoga studios need not worry about maintaining and replacing their mats because of sweat, smell and flaking and their members need not worry about hygiene issues. It is also a great choice for at-home yogis for both outdoor and indoor practice.

It is not always easy to roll yoga mats and slide them into mat bags. It is also time consuming. But with JURU slings, you need not worry too much about rolling the mats as the loops are adjustable and easy to use. Using slings instead of bags also allows the mat to air and dry quickly after a sweaty practice.

Made of high-quality cork, JURU Cork Yoga Blocks are firm, durable and offer superior traction.
Blocks can be really useful for beginners and seasoned yogis and help in reducing the risk of getting injured. You can flip the blocks to adjust the height in various asanas. Cork blocks are neither too heavy nor too light. They are strong and provide solid support, especially for beginners.