JURU Classic String Cotton Bag


The trendy string bags are popular as beach bags and shopping bags. They are made of recycled cotton and come with a simple and elegant design. Use them as prop-bags to comfortably carry your yoga props and items like books, phone, etc. They are lightweight, eco-friendly and sustainable. Use them to carry your yoga props to class. The bags can easily take up to 5 kgs of weight, so use them for grocery shopping or even as beach bags!

  • Doesn’t collect sand
  • Made of recycled cotton
  • Maximum 5 kgs
  • Beach bag or Grocery Bag

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    The headstand pillow is made of cotton and is a yogis headstand partner. The crown of the head is a very soft part which is prone to injury/pressure. Using a headstand pillow provides cushioning while allowing you to find your balance and practice without fear of hurting your crown, especially when making multiple attempts. The headstand pillow can also be used as a knee pillow and used to provide a soft cushion for multiple asanas. With use, the edges of the pillow get softer, providing ideal cushioning for the crown in headstand. You can also use these pillows to cushion chin, ankle, knees, etc. 

    • Made of 100% cotton
    • Eco-friendly and biodegradable and is easily recycled.
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