• JURU Yoga Meditation Pillow


    Your body is neither flat nor curved and without proper support, it tends to take the shape of the surface it rests on. Sitting on a hard surface for a longer duration causes the legs, hips, spine, shoulders, and head to misalign, resulting in pain and discomfort. That’s the last thing you need when you are trying to stay still and find inner peace in meditationJURU meditation cushion is the first of its kind ergonomically designed pillow, which uses both cotton and highly recommended buckwheat hull filling that elevates your pelvis and places your hips above your knees and holds your spine in proper alignment. You can call it a combination of Zafu and Zabuton as the buckwheat filling provides a gentle lift to your pelvis and the extended sides of the flatter cotton portion support the thighs and provide cushioning to ankles. 


    > Ideal to sit on for long hours

    > Crescent-shape for a firm foundation to reduce stress on the spine

    > Ideal to sit on for the practice of pranayama

    > Can also be used on regular chairs/car seats, for cushioning

    > The rectangular portion allows for cushioning for the legs and ankles

    > It provides cushioning (between 5-6 cms) 

    > Designed for comfort, distribute weight, improve alignment and stability

    > 22 inch L x 20 inch W, 1.5 Kg weight

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    JURU Yoga Meditation Pillow


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