• JURU Home Fitness Plank Mat

    599.00 499.00

    Planking is the best exercise for losing belly fat. Do it every morning or after a workout! With the JURU Plank Mat, you can do it much longer cause of…

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  • JURU Yoga Headstand Pillow


    The headstand pillow is made of cotton and is a yogis headstand partner. The crown of the head is a very soft part which is prone to injury/pressure. Using a…

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  • JURU Yoga Meditation Pillow


    Your body is neither flat nor curved and without proper support, it tends to take the shape of the surface it rests on. Sitting on a hard surface for a…

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  • JURU Travel Yoga Mat


    The travel yoga mat is made of natural rubber, cotton, and jute which is 100% biodegradable. Ideal for traveling and outdoor yogis. Easily foldable and stored in a back pack.…

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  • JURU Flaxseed Cotton Eye Pillow

    700.00 550.00

    The therapeutic flaxseed eye pillows come with a mild lavender aroma which enhances your relaxation. The inner pouch is filled with flaxseeds, which is not only 100% natural but also…

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  • JURU Classic String Cotton Bag


    The trendy string bags are popular as beach bags and shopping bags. They are made of recycled cotton and come with a simple and elegant design. Use them as prop-bags…

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