Yoga is not just a practice of one pose after another and nor is it just meditation. It is a combination of all these techniques that helps balance body, mind, and emotions. One of the main aspects that sets Yoga apart from other exercises is breath awareness, which enables the body to detox and releases tension, and helps the mind stay calm.

Even a regular yoga practitioner may at times forget to slow down and bring the awareness to the breath. Thus, group practice or practice with a teacher is extremely useful to make breath awareness a part of your asana practice. Also, when we practice alone or follow online sessions, we may not remember to relax. Again, the guidance of an experienced teacher is extremely important to make deep relaxation a habit. 



Step-by-step guidance for every asana. 

Learn how to do them correctly and understand their benefits. 

Dynamic breathing techniques 

 Deep relaxation 

Access to all 21 sessions recorded version so you can continue with your daily yoga routine. 


3 classes per week on  Mon, Wed and Fri (7:00 AM IST ).


''From the very first class, I have enjoyed Bhavya's enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, and demeanor... I deeply appreciate the manner in which she designs her classes. When I finish with her classes, I feel spiritually polished as though I have experienced a deep form of prayer.''

Namaste! I am Bhavya, your JURU Yogi. I am so looking forward to helping you build your yoga practice. The practice of Yoga has helped me understand the soul-mind-body connection, made me more aware and accept all that I am and all that I am not. I have explored Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Mudra Yoga, prenatal yoga and have been taking private and group sessions for over 3 years. I have also studied stress therapy and am a mental wellness coach.

As a former national athlete and fitness trainer, I have always believed in giving my students a well-balanced yoga class based on individual needs and fitness levels. Times are tough but together we can get through anything. Whether it is some much-needed movement or a healing touch to calm the anxious mind, I am here to help you and benefit from the holistic practice of Yoga.

How much does it cost?

INR. 5000 / USD 66


What if I miss a class or a few classes?

We want you to benefit from the live sessions and thus request you to try your best to attend all 12 live sessions. However, given the current scenario, if for some reason you are unable to attend the live sessions , don’t stress about it. You will get access to the recorded version of all 12 sessions, so you can practice it anytime.

What do you need…

Internet connection, laptop or mobile, and Zoom App (its Free)

Speakers or a quiet place so the teacher is audible 

A yoga mat/yoga rug 

A hand towel (sessions can get sweaty!)

If you have yoga props, keep them close as the teacher can give you some modifications. However, if you don’t have any props, don’t worry. Just be there with your mat! 

A bottle of water (it is best if you don’t sip on water during the class, but just in case!)

Will online live sessions be useful?

A 12-day commitment to our live online classes, which are carefully designed by our experienced yoga teachers, will help you build your practice gradually. The teacher will guide you through warm-ups, classical yoga asanas with detailed explanations, pranayama practice and end sessions with a much-needed guided relaxation session. 

You can have an interactive session with your teacher at the beginning and end of every session to clear any doubts with regard to yoga practice or philosophy. Our goal is to make the practice of yoga a part of your daily routine so you can benefit from a well-balanced body and mind. Our sessions will not focus on asana alone but will also focus on breathwork and relaxation techniques. 

Why should I pay when there are so many free classes?

This is a personalized group class. Yoga acknowledges the fact that each individual is different, with different physical and mental abilities. Thus the practice of Yoga asana and pranayama offers various styles and techniques to meet different needs. A small group of maximum 9 people will allow our yoga teacher to adapt to your individual needs and help you progress in your practice. 

Yes, there are many resources available. You can also choose our Free videos on YouTube for various symptoms such as lower back pain, to boost immunity, desktop yoga, breathing tips for children, etc., which you can practice daily, at your home or office. However, the goal of our 12 live sessions course is to help you make yoga practice a part of your daily life. 

I still have more questions.....


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