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Which Mat Should I Choose?

At JURU we understand that when you are on your mat, you create a sacred space for yourself and trust that your mat understands your practice. You return to your mat with the same trust and it is this bond you hope to cherish for many years to come. Thus at JURU, we take utmost care to ensure all our mats come with excellent durability and grip and remain absolutely natural. And for your convenience, they are washable and reversible!

We all have our preferences when it comes to style of yoga and no matter which style you prefer, we have a mat that best suits your preferences. Here we share the main features of the different JURU mats to help you pick your mat.


Why choose a Mandala mat ? 

If you own a yoga studio or conduct group yoga workshops and classes at your eco retreat, then maintaining mats for common use is a task. Allergies, smell, infections, slippery surface due to sweat and cleaning, etc are common problems with all studio mats, especially PVC mats for sweaty practices like hot yoga and power yoga.

However, Mandala mats can be your one time investment – JURU Mandala mat is specifically designed keeping yoga studios/retreats in mind. It is easy to clean and is highly durable. It is heavy and comes with a moderate textured look which gets smoother with regular use. It also remains odorless. The mat is also suitable for gyms/fitness centers for pre and post workout stretches.

Advanced yogis who are mainly into home practice also find this mat useful and durable.


Why choose a Harita mat ?

Harita mat’s warm green surface is ideal for Therapeutic yoga, restorative yoga, Iyengar yoga, Hatha yoga and even for beginners. As beginners you may be tempted to go for softer and thick mats. However, a firmer surface is proven to be highly beneficial for long-term practice, to improve alignment and balance. We recommend use of our props like knee pillows, headstand pillows and blankets for cushioning purpose.Harita mats are around 2.2 kgs and are certainly heavier in comparison to plastic mats, but they are highly durable and provide a perfect surface to enhance alignment and balance. The color green is linked to heart chakra and has a healing effect on one’s mind and subtle body.


Why choose a Dhyana mat ?

If you are a lover of outdoor practice, then Dhyana mats are your best bet. When practicing outdoors, you do not have to worry about staining the mat, be it by the beach, muddy surface or garden. The dark and invigorating pattern is also ideal for sweaty practices like Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga and Hot Yoga. They weigh around 2.2 kgs, come with excellent grip and are suitable for intermediate and advanced practitioners. Like mandala, these mats can also prove to be a long-term investment for eco yoga studios and spas.


Why choose a Shakti mat ?

Shakti mats are excellent for indoor / studio practice and come with an all natural earthy tone. They are lighter in weight and color, weigh between 1.8 to 2 kgs, provide great grip and a surface ideal for Vinyasa flow, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, intermediate to advanced Hatha yoga and Anusara yoga. These  mats are convenient to carry and provide great grip for proper alignment, especially when holding the postures for long.


Why choose a Bhoomi mat ?

Bhoomi mats are lighter and weigh around 1.8 kgs, making it ideal for travel in cork mat category. They come with a deeper (darker) brown color tone and are perfect for sweaty practices like Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, Vinyasa. They are easy to clean and maintain and come with excellent grip. Traveling yogis looking at carrying their own grippy mat for yoga retreats/workshops will also find this mat very convenient.


Why choose a Yogi Travel and Meditation mat ?

This mat is ideal for travelers because it is thin, lightweight and foldable. If you are traveling for yoga retreats, yoga festivals, outdoor yoga events, etc., you will need something light which can fit into your handbag. Even as a teacher, you of course need one good grippy and durable mat for your daily practice, but you may also need a travel mat that you can carry with you for classes.The reversible feature makes it work like a mat-overlay – you can use it over any common studio mat or PVC mat. These natural travel mats are a must-have for a complete yoga kit.