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I was interested in sports since childhood and spent much of time in the outskirts of Budapest, which is packed with sporting activities. Some of the most popular activities that continue to attract many young athletes are kickboxing, karate, tricks and experiments around various sports, combat skills training, competitive and calming sport activities.

It is in 2013 that I had started work on building my own brand, Geri Fitness. Thanks to the social networking sites, my social media pages have managed to attract more than 7000 followers who are highly interactive and I look forward to sharing tips on health and fitness day after day.

I am grateful that even my offline events, classes and presentations are always packed with an enthusiastic audience. My classes reflect vigor, power, energy and struggle. There is no room for excuses or any chance of stopping midway. The participants are usually involved 100%, even when the session is primarily designed around a tough workout; I give it my all to maintain a super mood. At the end of it, though everyone is sweaty and tired, they also feel extremely satisfied.

A Long-Term Hedonist

Before you judge me, let me be clear that I am the guy who likes savouring simple pleasures of life that directly affect my health and mood. I love outdoors, I love eating healthy, I love the company of adorable pets, and most importantly, I am really passionate about teaching and inspiring others to lead a happy and healthy life.

It is my passion to share with others that inspires me to learn more and participate in various training courses and keep myself up-to-date with new workouts and training. If there is anything that interests me, I incorporate that in my classes or conduct special classes so my students can benefit from the same.

Today I am recognised as as an all-rounder and one of the most outstanding and professional coaches in Budapest’s fitness world; personal training, functional training, Yoga classes, group classes, lifestyle counseling, blogging and presentation and talks on health and fitness are my areas of expertise.  

The feedback I get from my students and participants from the events is motivating. They say that the knowledge they receive is practical and gives them the confidence to implement the suggestions in their daily lives. I share tips and information on functional training, mobility, stability, regeneration, injury prevention and highlight important points for home and self practice.

I teach my students to pay attention to the small but important things in the everyday rush:

Breathing, Harmony, Love and Peace.

How I Found Yoga

While I was training and conducting fitness classes, I continued to work as a studio manager and as a professional manager. From the outside, it all looked perfect. A successful career, job satisfaction, happy customers and the opportunity to keep growing. But at one point, I found myself drowning in the plan that seemed so perfect.

Regardless of whether everything is going the way we want it to or when nothing is going our way in spite of us trying so hard… I guess most of us feel saturated at some point in our life. We feel the need to dive deeper and connect with oneself, feel a sense of calm and rediscover the splendor that had inspired us to start.

“The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.” Rumi

I too had felt caught up in a superficial world and wanted to explore the world deeply. When I had started Yoga in 2016, little did I know that it would take me to my inner reality. I got introduced to Yoga as a form of sport, a fitness activity. But Yoga is Yoga, regardless of what name or style you learn it as. I kept practicing and it kept working on me.

On Becoming a Yoga Trainer

Over the past couple of years I have realised and experienced that Yoga is a deep-rooted philosophy and a lifestyle. Though it is less than 3 years since I had started my Yoga practice, I am happy to say that I have been able to find my niche as a Yoga trainer.

Hatha Yoga was my first and foremost encounter with the world of Yoga. I think it really helped me get a deep insight into Yoga and later I went on to explore Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga. I chose to study and certify in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga and this the foundation of my Yoga classes, called, FitYoga.

“The deeper you get into Yoga you realise it is a spiritual practice. It’s a journey I’m making. I’m heading that way.” Sting

FitYoga is a combination of a lot of force, a lot of balance and deep stretching. Pranayama and meditation are also included in my sessions. It may not sound extraordinaire but I know it is different. It allows me to be honest with each style while approaching it differently… adding years of fitness experience 🙂

Today we hear of many Yoga styles and forms, but in my experience, Yoga is One and I believe that is how it should be approached. I do not like to label my style or conduct yoga sessions under different names… I just call it FitYoga and continue to take these classes at the various Hungarian Yoga studios, sport centers and gyms.

Real Crazy Vegan and Yogic Life

I would like to call my life a real crazy one! When I was growing up, we always had cats and dogs. My family has always been pet-lovers, from my brother, parents to even grandparents and I believe it is my dogs who really inspire me to live the Yogic and Vegan lifestyle.

I had bought my second dog, Barni, from a breeder who had no clue what to do with him because Barni had a bulldog bite and no one was ready to pick him up. At that very moment I was certain that Barni needed me, and since then Barni and I have shared an invisible bond that I just can’t express in words.

It has changed how I would look at any meat / non-vegetarian dish because it made me realise that all animals are the same. They feel the same pain and fear in the slaughterhouse where they are sent to satisfy our appetite for meat.

East Meets West

Under FitYoga I have made an attempt to combine the Western-based studies (rehabilitation, prevention, functionality) with the Eastern-holistic viewpoint, which enables me as well as my students to continuously improve on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The word Yoga roughly translates to union, thus I feel that:

“a more integrated and inclusive approach is the best way forward with the present world where we are constantly under the pressure to compete and innovate.” Geri

My goal is not to prove one technique superior to the other but to show that together, these tools can not only help us achieve the desired levels of fitness but also expand our understanding of physical fitness which is directly connected with mental and emotional fitness.

I have been working as a trainer for over a 10 years and also organise and give seminars to trainers and to those who aspire to be trainers. If you want to become a trainer, there is only mantra, and it is very simple!

Always learn, learn, and learn.

Often, it does not matter if you have studied from the most popular or trending instructor or school. It is what you learn, what matters to you, what you feel is building you and helping you grow that really defines your success as a trainer. And while you grow, remember to always stay humble and remain respectful to others’ views and beliefs.

Everyone may choose a different path, but at the end, everyone needs a mind-body balance; be it a yogi, or athletes and everyday heroes. Though mind-body-soul is the basis of Yoga philosophy, it is not restricted to it. It is our job as trainers, to show the way and help them reach the finish line. Feel free to email or message me for tips of Fitness and Yoga training.  

Gergely Máramarosi, a.k.a. Geri, Hungary

Eco-fighter, Vegan, Yoga Trainer & Fitness Trainer

Facebook & Instagram: @gerifitness

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