Best Festivals to be at for Yoga, Music, Fun and Nature

We love these festivals because these are community oriented, innovative, colourful and attract people from all backgrounds. And with oneness and soul-searching being the underlying themes of these unique festivals, yoga and music top the list of activities. Here is a list of some fun festivals that are encouraging people to choose a healthy lifestyle, go green and give something back to the environment and community at large.

The following list of best festivals to be at for Yoga, Music, Fun and Nature has music, yoga and nature as all these are interrelated and go hand in hand. Enthusiasts tend to enjoy practicing yoga while admiring the nature and enjoying the music. If you are looking for some festivals with these features to enjoy then here’s the list.

1.Lightning in a bottle, Silverado, CA

The festival has many interesting and exciting features for its audiences including green workshops where speakers give their audiences a thought provoking talks on healthier living and how to build a sustainable world. This festival usually happens during mid-week May and provides its audience with a wide range of entertainment like electronic dance music, devotional music, experimental as well as folk music and one can experience all this while connecting deeply with nature and community around.

The main highlight of the festival is that it reduces as much energy as possible through energy management initiatives, which is done mostly by investing in LED stage lighting, using fluorescent bulbs and solar lights wherever possible. The event mainly focuses on zero waste of water, zero shipping, zero cost, eliminated plastic packaging and eliminated toxic chemicals from leaching into the water.     

Best festivals
Image courtesy: Lightning in a Bottle

This festival is a must visit for all travel and eco-conscious enthusiasts. If you want to experience this festival or add to your bucket list visit . The festival covers many services like points of the compass, learning kitchen, Grand Atique, art, Immersive environment, market place, green report, energy, free water, education and so on.

2. Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival

This is a festival in Kovalam village near Chennai, Tamil Nadu that concentrates on some fun activities like surfing, yoga and music. Ideally takes place during the last week of August. This Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival held this year will be the fifth annual festival inviting international surfers around the world. This is India’s first surfing village and a hub of surf culture in South India.

This festival features national and international level of surfing competition along with a global music lineup spread across three stages, yoga and meditation classes and alternative healing workshops. The annual festival attracts thousands of attendees every year from across India and around the globe. The event also features a vibrant flea market, food stalls, art installations and beach side activities.

Driven by a passion for art and music and a love of surf and the ocean, since its inception the festival has used these mediums as vehicles to empower the local Kovalam community. A carnival of culture – set on the spectacular Tamil Nadu coastline.

For those interested in the festival and love to experience surfing, yoga and music all under one roof can visit

Image courtesy: Covelong Point Festival

3. White collar hippie in India

White collar hippie brings the one-of-the-kind outdoor and offbeat travel experience to its audience. These travel experiences help the audiences to connect with nature and be eco-conscious with their specialties like festivals, camps, trips and other functionalities.

The events conducted by White Collar Hippie are usually camping and live music events. The audience experience a splendid time during the event as the amphitheatre is a naturally sculpted rock face, that serves as the perfect spot to lay back and watch a sky full of stars as you listen to the bands play your favorite tunes. The events are pitched in such a way that the audience gets to enjoy the calm nature and are provided with camping essentials, a sleeping bag and lantern. The campsite is equipped with well functioning modern and open-roof showers. To know more about the festival, their services and highlights visit .

White collar hippie
Image courtesy:

4. Wood Festival in UK

This is one of the most popular festivals in UK, that in a span of 4 years since its inception the festival has already bagged awards for its eco-conscious concept. Organized by Robin and Joe Bennet this has become famous among enthusiasts as this festival has some interesting workshops on singing, yoga, woodcraft and jewellery making. Catering from the youngest of young to oldest of the old, this festival offers exciting workshops including fashion parades and stick to the theme of being one of the best eco-conscious festivals. To be a part of the festival visit .

Image Courtesy: Wood Festival

5. Soul Circus, Cotswolds, UK

Soul Circus is a Yoga and Wellness Festival that usually takes place during mid week of August. The main highlights of the festival include music and yoga. During the festival, audiences start their day with outdoor sunrise yoga and soak up with nature. One can witness many types of yoga during the festival starting from restorative yoga poses to challenging yoga types like aerial yoga. The festival also presents to its audience some music which is a mix of genres by artists that gets the audience going.  One can also expect a wide range of entertainment parties happening by the woods to keep the audience engaged throughout the day and night.

Besides music and yoga, the festival also offers some exciting services to nourish the soul. They ensure the audiences are completely accompanied with their needs, whatever they may be, detoxing or retoxing.

If you want to be a part of this festival visit . Some of the exciting features include soul spa, music, food & drink, mindfulness and circus acts.

Image Courtesy: Soul Circus

6. Echoes of Earth

This is the most happening festival in India for enthusiasts who love nature.  Spread across 150 acres of green vistas, Echoes of Earth features workshops on music, wellness, and the green lifestyle. The festival is the epicenter of artistic convergence and the main highlight of the festival is that it covers over 40+ international and Indian artists and musicians who come together to display their aural wares and artistic expressions.

Other highlights of the festival include a museum of lost instruments – a celebration of musical tools of yore that have come to be lost and buried under the digital mass that we’ve come to make our habitat today.

At Echoes of Earth, architects and artists from the world over will collaborate to showcase their art using solely their skills, and the practices of upcycling and recycling. If you love what they are doing and want to be a part of it, you can visit

Image Courtesy: Echoes of earth

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