Reasons To Avoid Using PVC Yoga Mats During Yoga Practice

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Say NO to Toxic Yoga Mats…

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Yoga has taken the world by storm, and so has plastic! What’s the link?

If you are on the path to a greater awareness, then you have probably started making a few lifestyle changes to embrace ahimsa (non-violence), compassion,  kindness, and happiness. You probably cringe when you see people drinking from plastic bottles, using plastic bags and when you hear news like soil pollution, fatal effects of plastic garbage on marine species and cattle, etc., you probably hear a voice within you say ‘when will people learn?’

But did you know this?

  • Majority of the Yoga mats in use today are made from polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC, which is widely considered one of the most toxic plastics.
  • Research also suggests that PVC can cause damage to the liver, reproductive system, central nervous system and respiratory system.
  • The process of making PVC produces dioxin and PCBs, both carcinogens.
  • PVC products off-gas volatile compounds and, when burned in an incinerator, emit toxic smoke.
  • phthalates and toxic metals are used to make mats sticky and durable. Both can seep in with mat use and cause cancer.
JURU yoga

It’s time to shift from non-toxic yoga mats

Well … it all begins with you! Did you ever think about the increase in use of plastic yoga mats?

The mat we practice on for good health & peace!

If the Yogi in you shuns the use of plastic, then perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to your good old PVC Yoga mat and embrace Eco-friendly alternatives.

There are many Yoga brands who emphasize on making eco-friendly choices and acting responsibly. Together we can protect our future and nurture the environment. Some of the alternatives you can look at are cotton, natural rubber, cork, hemp, jute, etc.

JURU Yoga is committed to the cause of making eco-friendly & good quality yoga mats & props. And you don’t have to pay through the nose for biodegradable mats any more -:)


By Puja Borker

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