JURU, Ju-Ru is a portmanteau of ‘ju’te and natural ‘ru’bber, both indigenous Indian resources, also means Joy or Happiness.

As yogis we were were faced with the common problem of finding a perfect yoga mat that you can trust, a mat that will not let your sweaty feet and palms slip, a mat that can withstand years of practice and provides a comfortable surface to enhance alignment, explore the asana and find balance!

We wanted mats and props to reflect and value the peaceful principles that yoga embodies; one of which is to establish perfect harmony with nature. Taking inspiration from some wonderful international eco-yoga brands and  from the make-in-India campaign, we launched our first made-in-India anti slip yoga mat.

The very first mat was made of jute and natural rubber, thus the name JURU. It was our eureka moment and it came around Jan 2014.

‘JURU” is also an exclamation to celebrate a pleasant discovery. And this is precisely what JURU cork yoga mat is – a perfect yoga companion for yogis who wish to choose the eco-friendly path.

JURU has grown from being a product name to being a made-in-India yoga brand that strives to deliver innovative, comfortable and trending eco-friendly yoga mats, props and accessories made from unique and sustainable resources like cork, jute, natural rubber, cotton, etc., for yoga-lovers across the globe.

We believe that JURU mats are not products of long hours of brainstorming and hard-work alone, but also of love, built to celebrate yoga’s many triumphs.

a gift from one yogi to another, a gift from a yogi to nature!



Yoga has been shown to improve mood and anxiety more than some other metabolically-matched exercises, such as walking.