JURU Story (Ju – Ru)

The word JURU means 'joy and happiness' in multiple languages around the world.

There are other factors that played a vital role in JURU’s inception. We wanted mats and props to reflect and value the peaceful principles that yoga embodies; one of which is to establish perfect harmony with nature. Taking inspiration from some wonderful international eco-yoga brands and  from the make-in-India campaign, we launched our first made-in-India anti slip yoga mat.

It was our eureka moment and it came around Jan 2014. We had discovered a unique blend of cork and natural rubber for the best yoga mat for everyday practise. Instead of crying Eureka we cried JURU! And this is precisely what JURU is – a perfect yoga companion for yogis who wish to choose the eco-friendly path.

JURU has grown from being a product name to being a made-in-India yoga brand that strives to deliver innovative, comfortable and trending eco-friendly yoga mats, props and accessories made from unique and sustainable resources like cork, jute, natural rubber, cotton, etc., for yoga-lovers across the globe.

We believe that JURU products are not just long hours of brainstorming and hard-work alone, but also of love, built to celebrate yoga’s many triumphs, a gift from one yogi to another, a gift from a yogi to nature!

A perfect yoga mat to perfect those asanas.

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