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I am fortunate to say I have had a blessed and fulfilling life, though this hasn’t come easy. I was the middle child aged 14 in a single-parent family after the sudden death of my father; this was a traumatic life-changing experience that impacted my life deeply. We were first-generation Asian’s in Britain desperately trying to hold on to our culture and faith whilst trying to survive and adjust to our great loss. Studying became a second priority so I could help my mother in her small business. 

I was the tomboy in our family and somehow felt responsible for my two sisters and mother’s safety and security. My determination, belief, and faith led me to get a job for a high street bank in Central London at the age of sixteen and our financial struggles were over. Unknowingly I was applying the law of attraction by creating a desire, seeing myself as if I already had achieved it, and then doing the work to make it happen.  

Life seemed perfect…

I spent several years working successfully in the corporate world, enjoying jobs that would take me around the world and provide a good income. On the outside, everything looked impressive. However, deep inside myself, I was not content. I tried to fill the emptiness with more (and more) material objects. It did not work. I still felt a huge void. 

By now I had the perfect home, a great job, a loving handsome partner, everything a woman could ask for! In everybody’s eyes, I was enjoying the perfect life, but deep within my soul, something was missing. I so desperately wanted to break free from this heaviness in my heart but didn’t know-how.  

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”  -Dalai Lama 

I found myself questioning my purpose in life. An inner voice inside began whispering to me, instructing me to go find what this purpose might be! I became curious and that curiosity inspired me to go on a journey. My path led me to Yoga. I practiced and studied and soon became a qualified yoga teacher. Although I was feeling much happier, I still did not feel whole.

Eventually, I found the courage to quit my job and I went to India (my motherland) in search of answers. This new journey also tried and tested me in ways I would never have imagined. One evening I finally heard God’s words – and took them deep into my heart, the key message being, 

‘I am the Creator and I am within you, therefore you are the creator, the creator of your life. Have trust, faith, and know I will always have your back. You are never alone, I am here within you, always. Become quiet to hear my voice and I will guide you on your way.’

The path of Self-Knowledge 

Soon after, I met beloved Nirankari Babaji – who taught me the true meaning of Bhakti Yoga. A year later, my path led me to a yoga ashram where I met Guruji Dev Baba, an enlightened loving Yogi who shared all his knowledge, wisdom, and experiences.

Guruji spoke a lot about Soul Knowledge (Atma Vidya). He explained how we all came from the black hole. We are all a creation of the Divine. The world was created to be a playground for our souls – so we might enjoy experiences, which help us to gain insights on how to love and be loved.

I was honored to be asked to stay for the Beeja mantra camp. This opportunity is what led me to finally begin to live in my Full Seven. It was in the Beeja mantra camp that I first learned how to fully tap into all 7 of my 7 chakras. It was literally a “soul tingling” experience that resonated through my entire body. I later went on to get certified in Chakra Beej Mantra Chanting.

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

– Swami Vivekananda

I had heard about Kundalini awakening. But I never expected to feel such intense power shooting up my spine – piercing my Vishnu Granthi – exploding my heart chakra. My body felt electric. I saw visions of deities, colors, images of all kinds. It was truly surreal. 

Afterward, I felt a true sense of love, complete faith in all, and a full surrendering to God. My guard came down. I gained strength, determination, and peace of mind. My love poured out to all. It became easier to forgive. I felt more alert to how my behavior affected others. I discovered that with my newly increased “Full Seven” awareness I was in control of my thoughts and actions, finally! A true blessing to receive Guru Diksha and have this life-transforming experience. 

My Full Seven 

I soon found feelings of contentment arise within me. I felt happy and at peace. My true purpose and mission for being here on this planet had emerged. I became excited to share the tools which helped me to live in my Full Seven – so I could help others to live in their Full Seven as well!

I know how challenging life can feel when your 7 chakras are not fully nourished or balanced. You wind up feeling challenged on all levels: mind, body, and soul. You feel out of sorts inside yourself and out of sync with those around you.

I am passionately determined to help as many people as possible to live in their Full Seven – cleaning, healing, and nourishing all 7 of their chakras! 

I truly believe this is my dharma, my purpose, my mission!

I feel that all my struggles have led me to this juncture. My many years of challenges – followed by the experiences I had through sadhana (spiritual practice) – all of this has given me so much love and strength. It has taught me to be fully present and true to my most authentic self.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi

I am passionate about assisting others through their hardships. I am determined to help others in their cleansing process of both their physical and psychic bodies.

I recognize the importance of regularly cleansing all seven chakras – because I know the unhappiness and discomfort of not living in one’s Full Seven.

I have personally experienced how a regular practice of a combination of yoga, pranayama, meditation, kriya, massage, chanting, crystals, self-healing, laughing, and dancing has allowed me to live a more expansive life – living in my Full Seven.

My sadhana and spiritual healing 

I have also certified in the Ancient Himalayan Kundalini Kriya Yoga a unique set of sacred deep cleansing and purifying kriyas that balance your energy, clear karma, and deep-rooted blocks using a combination of sequenced breathing, meditation, movement, mantras, and bells. Amazed by the effect of the kriyas, I studied them thoroughly for 2 years. Eventually getting certified and initiated by Guruji Dev Baba as his First International Teacher, who gave me his blessing to take the practice to the West.

I will soon be launching online courses on these sacred practices so that more people can benefit from them.

I am also a certified Divine Master Soul Healer & Teacher having studied with renowned Chinese Master & Dr. Zhi Gang Sha at the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment™. I have been using my gift of divine intuition and direct flow to help and heal others for over 11 years through one-on-one healing sessions in person, via telephone or skype. 

My vast experiences and own personal sadhana has opened me up to be a channel to receive direct knowing. My dream is to assist others in transforming their lives through a Full Seven holistic approach!

Paramjit Pam Anand

International wellness coach, spiritual healer, yoga, and kriya teacher

Founder, The Full Seven & Riverside Shakti Retreat

Instagram: @thefullseven

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