Juru Yoga

Juru Yoga

JURU is an eco-conscious Yoga brand started by Yogis who have invested time and resources to understand the modern Yoga needs. All our products speak of passion, style, comfort and quality. We are committed to the cause of giving back to nature and deliver high quality Yoga products that are made in the birthplace of Yoga, India! We work with the small and medium scale manufacturing industries and suppliers to design and produce Yoga products that are free from harmful toxins.

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Juru Story

Juru Story

We were facing the same problem that most of the yoga teachers, aspiring yoga teachers and practitioners experience in their yoga journey, that is to find a mat that you can trust, a mat that will not let your sweaty feet and palms slip, a mat that can withstand years of practice and provides a comfortable surface to enhance alignment, explore the asana and find balance!

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I love the upgraded sustainable cork mats - smoother feel but still grippy as ever (especially as the practice heats up)! Spiceyoga.com
By Ling (Spice Sadhaka)International Yoga Teacher, New York
Buying a yoga mat for myself wasn't easy, as I had certain specifications in mind about the look, feel and most importantly for me was that I wanted something environmental friendly. When I came across the Juru yoga mats I stopped searching because I found exactly what I wanted. The grip is great no matter how much you sweat, I absolutely love the look and feel of it. My favourite part about the mat is that it's biodegradable! I found my perfect match and travel with it everywhere!
By Bhavya MandannaCertified Yoga Teacher, Calisthenic Workouts, Environmentalist.
JURU yoga mats are an impeccable thought Future sustaining creation. From the preliminary sight which strikes a serene chord with its fragrant mud-mess color to the hard textural feel that grips your practice every day. Its surreal how close the product stands for the philosophy of YOG and the modern challenges pertaining the same. Thank you for keeping me rooted yet flowing with this remarkable MAT.
By Juhi CAshtanga Vinsaya Practitioner and Trainer,Mumbai
Practicing yoga on Juru Yoga cork mat (Mandala) feels wonderful. Its cool surface provides good grip for sweaty hands and feet and it is great to relax on. Besides its ideal texture which is good for daily practice, it is also eco friendly . I am sure Yogis will love to practice on it.
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By Manisha LotlikarYogi and mom of 2 - practices yoga at home, Bangalore.
Easy to Carry- Firm Grip - Pretty colors - I Love it !
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By Malika KulalAdvanced Vinyasa & Power Yoga Teacher - Bangalore
I was struggling with the slippery mats and then I found JURU! I enjoy my arm balances on the natural rubber surface
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By MounkiaHatha Yoga & Vinyasa practitioner - Bangalore
The cork mat (Shakti) is aesthetically and functionally outstanding
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By Jason BowmanYoga teacher and Writer - San Francisco
So grateful for the JURU yoga mat ! It keeps me stable in my asana practice helping to ensure a non slip and sure grip through my practice and transitions. I've been using this light and well made mat overlay by Juru which sits on top of my regular mat, and it is easy to clean and its durability and lightweight makes it very convenient to travel with. I would recommend Juru Yoga to all practitioners! Thank you Juru!
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By Jayaprada RadhikaFounder Radhika Yoga
I liked the very soothing dark green color. And the mat was very thin and light (JURU Yogi travel-mat) so it will be easy to carry around. Enjoy practice on it!
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By Heeki Park Director & Teacher at YogaBreeze - Japan